Everyday Hairstyles with Linzi Clips : Review

Hello, my Lovelies! Today I am branching out of my comfort zone, and sharing my everyday hairstyles, seeing as My Haircare Routine is always very popular with you all. When the lovely people from Linzi Clips contacted me asking if I would like to review their products, I was ecstatic!

The Linziclip is a revolutionary new hair clip, which thanks to its patented advanced gripping mechanism and two spring device, camouflages the inner workings of the old style claw clip whilst gripping the hair better than ever before, as well as the springs being hidden which means each and every hairstyle looks perfectly polished. With the clip being invented for versatility, looks and comfort with its unique cylindrical shape, it has taken the world by storm and they are  now sold all around the world. The clip is also available in a range of patterns, and in 3 sizes ; maxi, midi and mini.

The ‘Maxi’ Clip

With the Maxi clip being made specifically for fine/thin hair and myself having medium/thick hair, I have used it for when I am carrying out my skincare routine, or make-up routine! I gather my hair together in a ponytail, and secure with the clip, making sure each and every hair is away from my face. I also use this on my lazy days, when I don’t have to do anything with my hair.


RRP : £6.29

The ‘Midi’ Clip

Since receiving the clips, the Midi has been kept in my handbag and has taken the place of hair elastics! I use this throughout the day to either secure a low ponytail or create a half up-half down look, which is how I tend to wear my hair the majority of the time. I also love how this is one is in just a classic black, as it never clashes with an outfit and isn’t too visible on my brunette hair.


RRP : £5.59

The ‘Mini’ Clip

The Mini is most certainly the cutest clip of all, as well as the most versatile! This clip can be used to pin back small sections of hair, and for securing ponytails and the ends of plaits. Also, the red glitter on this particular design is perfect for the festive period 🙂

RRP : £4.79

I would like thank Linziclip for allowing me to try out these fantastic products, and I highly recommend you pick some up! You can purchase them from the Linziclip website, here.

thank-you for reading

lots of love



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