Preparing My Skin for the Winter Weather: Protocol UK : Review

Hello, my Loves!

For those who are reoccurring readers of my blog, you will all be aware of how of a skincare junkie I am. So I was so excited when I was contacted by Protocol UK, asking if I would like to try out some of their best selling products for you all. To which I, of course, said yes, and they kindly gifted me three of their skincare products, as well as one of their makeup products. I hope you enjoy!


Moisturising Facial Gel,

During the cold winter months, I find my skin is completely stripped of moisture and it can become quite sore and dry. This moisturising facial gel has already made such a huge difference to my skin, as it feels so soft and plump, and it has even worked miracles on the dry rough patches of skin on my neck.

I have been using it both as a day and a night cream, as it has a lightweight and non-sticky formula, allowing makeup to blend beautifully on top of it, and it also does not clog up your pores as you sleep. So for me, this facial gel has the perfect kind of formula and I will be repurchasing it once I have used up my first pot!

RRP: 20ML: £9.50 and 50ML: £21.95

Collagen Facemask

Although I am only 21, I still want my skin to feel plump and to prolong the effects of ageing whilst I am still young. So this collagen face mask is absolutely perfect, as it contains plant-derived collagen, which once again soothes dry skin, whilst fighting against the signs of ageing.

This is a multiuse product and can be used either as a moisturiser or a mask, to which I have been using it as my weekly face mask of choice, and every time I use it my skin feels so much plumper and rejuvenated. I also adore how easy it is to wash off when using a muslin cloth and warm water

RRP: 20ML: £9.50 and 50ML: £24.95


When it comes to the majority of exfoliating products on the market that I have tried, I often find that they make my skin feel sore and irritated. That was until this amazing product came into my life!

The delicate souffle texture gently polishes away my dead skin cells leaving your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. I instantly found that my dull skin looked brighter and clearer. I will be using this once a week alongside the face mask as I believe that they will make the perfect pair. You can see the results of using the microdermabrasion bellow!







RRP: £11.95 (FOR 2OML)

 Baked Mineral Eye Shadow in Bronzed Trio


Onto the fourth and final product, to which I, of course, had to finish with the makeup product! Which comes in the form of a beautiful baked mineral eyeshadow trio, to which I selected the shade ‘Bronze’.

I always find that with baked mineral shadows that they have a rather soft pigmentation, which is always perfect for easy everyday wear. The pigmentation of these shadows are so beautiful and shimmery and are perfect for the upcoming festive season.

I applied the dark shades in the crease and applied the golden shade into the centre of the lid and onto my brow bone, and I now have a favourite everyday look!

RRP: £9.95

You can purchase the brand from their online store, to which I think the products are very reasonable and affordable especially with them feeling so luxurious and with such glorious results.

I would like to say thank you to Protocol for allowing me to try out their best sellers, to stay updated with the company and to hear about other peoples experiences, I will leave their social media below:


If you have also tried out the lip kits, I would love to know your thoughts, so leave me a comment below!

Thank you for Reading,

Lots of Love,

Hannah, x

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