Space Masks : Review

Hello, my Loves!

Now today I am bringing you a review of something a little unique, and that I’ve never tried before. The lovely Harriet from contacted me offering to send me on their unique eye masks, and I was very much intrigued!


Within the cute little pouch, is a self-heating eye mask, which states that applying the mask will transport you to another dimension – which will relieve tiredness, eye strain etc.

Before applying the eye mask, I made sure to have fresh bedding, cosied up in my favourite pyjamas and dressing gown, and carried out my evening skincare routine. I then followed the following instruction that was featured on the back of the pouch:

  1. Open the pouch and unfold your mask. Gently place the Spacemask over your eyes and fit the loops around your ears.
  2. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll feel your Spacemask heat up, and as the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere cuddle up to the mask’s iron particles in a natural heat exchange.
  3. Drift off as you enjoy approximately 15 minutes of otherworldly warmth while your mind floats in space.
  4.    Return to Planet Earth. Reconnecting with Earthly matters may take a little longer.

First of all, I love how light hearted the instructions are, even though I get intrigued to how beauty products work, sometimes being overloaded with information can you ruin your relaxation.

As soon as I placed the mask onto my eyes, I instantly felt it heating up, and it felt amazing! I became more and more relaxed, to which I was surprised by as I would though it would have been quite uncomfortable. I left the mask on for 15 minutes and for the majority of the time, I actually fell asleep. As soon as I removed the mask, I felt relaxed but I didn’t feel tired, and as I applied the product in the evening it was quite a nice feeling!

I would recommend this product if you are someone who travels quite a lot, especially when travelling via a plane, to which although you may want to nap, you have to stay alert.


If you would like to pick up the Spacemask for yourself, you can find them at the

RRP: £15 for a pack of 5

I would like to say thank you to Spacemask for allowing me to try out this wonderful product, to stay updated with the company and to hear about other peoples experiences, I will leave their social media below:


thank-you for reading

 lots of love



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