L’oreal Colour Riche Gold Obsession | Review

Hello, my Loves!

L’oreal has always been a brand that intrigued me, with their overwhelming amount of new products, as well as their campaigns which grace the stands and screens each, and I have only occasionally tried out their products. But over the last few months, I have begun to fall in love with their products, including the True Match Foundation, Lumi Maguie Primer and their Colour Riche Gold Obsession lipsticks.


I picked up the shade ‘Nude Gold’ which is a beautiful peach toned nude, with a glistening shimmer, without looking too dramatic.

Their creamy formula allows you to easily build up the lipstick depending on the preference, whilst keep your lips moisturised, as it almost feels like your applying a balm. I also love that although the lipsticks include glitter, you don’t have a gritty feeling on your lips, which I have found with some other lips you can have some discomfort.

The longevity of the lipsticks is also fantastic, as during the day when I’m eating and drinking I sometimes don’t have the time to be constantly reapplying products to my lips, especially when being a university student.


Overall I have truly fallen in love the Colour Riche lipsticks, and I will be sure to pick up more shades in the future, so please leave me your recommendations below!

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 lots of love



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