Mystery Bloggers Tag

Hello, my loves!


When it comes to blogging, one my favourite aspects of it is the community and friends that I have made, as support is what encourages me the most as a small blogger.

The lovely Georgia Newcombe tagged me for this post, so thank you G! I much enjoyed reading hers, as I am a nosy person and enjoy learning the most random of facts about people!


The blogger Okoto made this tag and did this for recognition of smaller bloggers, which I think is such a lovely idea.

Starting off with 3 facts about me! I am a rose gold addict, my favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast and I am currently in my second year of a Media Studies degree.


The rules of this tag are quite simple, and these are listed below! Make sure if I tag you, that you follow these rules!


  1. Make sure there is an award logo or image on the post.
  2. List the rules for other bloggers to follow.
  3. Write who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and thank them!
  4. Provide a link to the creators of the awards blog, and mention why they did it.
  5. Write 3 facts about yourself.
  6. Nominate 10-20 people.
  7. Comment on their blog to notify the nominees.
  8. Ask the nominees five questions of your choice, and you must include a weird or funny question and specify which question this is.
  9. Finally, share your link to your best/favourite post(s).

Now onto the questions, I was asked by Georgia…….

1. Who is your musical hero?

Although he is a male, it has to be Ed Sheeran. He may now be a worldwide phenomenon, but he still remains that 14-year-old busker at heart, and I always believe that no matter how successful or wealthy you become, you must always stay true to yourself!

2. What is your favourite type of sweet? 

Reeses Peanut Buttercups everytime.

3. What made you begin blogging, and what have you learnt since your first blog post? 

I began my blog due to my degree, but I would have begun one never the less, and I have also learnt that photography isn’t everything as long as you have well-written content!

4. What’s something you want to achieve from 2017? 

Just to be happy 🙂

5. Silly question: If you could rename a part of your body, what would it be? 

Finger Nails and Toe Nails…why name a part of the body after what you also find in a hardware store?

My nominees are:







Beth Dean




The five questions that I want you to answer are:

  1. If you could swap lives with any blogger/vlogger who would choose, and why?
  2. What is your feel good song?
  3.  What are your 5 Desert Island Essentials?
  4. Who inspires you in the blogging industry?
  5. How do you stay organised as a blogger?


I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this post, and I hope you all enjoyed finding out some more about me, and I can’t wait to discover more about the bloggers I have tagged, who I now class as friends!  My favourite blog post of mine is my Boyfriend Makeup Knowledge Tag, I hope you enjoy reading!


Thank-you for reading

 lots of love




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