Timeless Truth Mask Review

Hello, my Lovelies! A few weeks ago I discovered a website called Socialberry, which allows social media influencers to collab with various brands by reviewing their products. With various well-known brands such as Spectrum, OGX, Sass and Belle and Dr Paw Paw,  it also introduced me to brands that I had never heard of before which really excited me!

I filled out an application form for the brand Timeless Truth Sheet masks, and as you will all know I’m very much a skincare junkie, so I was very much hoping to be contacted by them and couldn’t wait to have a wonderful collaboration.

They are an innovative brand, who with the help of experts from world-renowned cosmetic research institutes and cutting edge Bio-Technology, aim to create the “Ultimate Mask Experience”

I was then ecstatic when the lovely Angela contacted me informing me that they would be sending me their Charcoal Detox Brightening mask from their Fusion Range.


Their Fusion Range is a new innovative patented system! Unlike your traditional sheets masks, from brands such as Montagne Jeunesse, the patented Fusion Masks already have beneficial functions on their own even before they are soaked in serum. The ingredients are in a freeze-dried powder form already impregnated into the cloth ; in which this is shown as a uniform coloured check formation.  The masks combination of powder and serum is what makes it the ultimate efficient treatment.

The Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask ingredients include bamboo charcoal extract, which is highly absorbent and also has a deep cleansing effect. This mask brightens, smoothes, hydrates and can banish signs of congested skin.

There are four main points when it comes to the applications of these masks, these are :

  1. The mask is very generous in serum, so you really have to use this to your advantage. When removing the masks from its sachet, you must make sure you have plenty of excess serum in the sachet, in which you can then use this on other areas of the body or leave it safely in the sachet in the fridge to be used on your face another time (but you must use it within a couple of days)
  2. Place the mask in the fridge if you wish for the mask to be refreshing.
  3. Place the mask in warm water if you wish for the mask to be extra comforting and pampering.
  4. When it comes to the Fusion Range the “darker” coloured side is placed on the face. The freeze dried product, which is already soaked in serum, when it comes in contact with the warmth of the skin is slowly released therefore in the active ingredient content is then doubled.

When I applied my mask, it was during a pamper evening so I decided to soak mine in warm water for  a couple of minutes as I like my face masks to make me feel comforted and relaxed. On first application, as this mask is made from non-woven fabric it sat comfortably  on the face and I didn’t instantly want to peel it off.

I left the mask on for 20 minutes, in order to gain the full effects of the masks. There was no strange or uncomfortable tingling or burning during the time of the application, which I have experienced with other masks. And if I had not set a timer, I could have happily sat all night with it on!

When it came to peeling of the mask, it was incredibly easy and there was no messiness, which is one of the main reasons why I adore face masks.  I then began to massage the serum into my skin, and my skin instantly looked brighter and fresher, as well as my pores looking deeply cleansed and overall detoxed.

Overall I was highly impressed by the mask, and now I understand why the brand has won various beauty awards.Within the Fusion Range, there is one for each different skin type, so I’m certain that you could find the perfect one for you. And although the masks are a little more pricey than some others, I highly recommend you pick one up as a pampering treat!

You can browse their range of masks at www.ttmasks.co.uk

RRP : Single Mask – £4.90 and Pack of 5 – £23.50

I would like to say thank you to Timeless Truth for sending me one of their fabulous masks, and would most certainly like to try out more from the range in the future. I hope you enjoyed this post!

thank-you for reading

 lots of love

Hannah XOXO

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