Hawes and Curtis Review

Hello, my lovelies! It is time for another review, and this is a little extra special than usual. When it comes to my wardrobe, it would not be complete without a few smart blouses and shirts. There is something about them that makes me feel put together and classy. So when I applied for Hawes and Curtis’s assignment on The Blogger Hub I was ecstatic when they emailed me asking to review one of their shirts. I requested a  Women’s White Fitted Shirt with Contrast Detail – Double Cuff, as it seemed the most classic style and the best shirt for a capsule wardrobe .

Ralph Hawes and Freddie Curtis founded the brand in 1913 with their mission being to produce top quality clothing, and since then have had clients including Frank Sinatra, Fred Aistare and Prince Philip. They are a now a global brand offering a huge range of shirts and accessories for contemporary ladies and gentle with shirts for every occasion, from smart business wear to fashion orientated designs.

When my shirts arrived I was over whelmed at the fact that I had been sent two shirts. Not only had they sent me my requested shirt, but I had also been sent the Fitted Luxury Satin Pussy Bow Blouse in Taupe!


Each of the shirts are of extremely high quality,  the white fitted shirt is made of 2 ply 100’s cotton.The  taupe  is made of 97% polyester ,3% elastane ,making it easy to care for but with the look of silk. They are both incredibly soft to touch as well as being very comfortable to wear. They are  very true to size, which gives me confidence about shopping online for future products from this company  and the product you see online, is the product you receive.

At the affordable price of  £29.50 you would not be able to resist picking up one of these shirts, by comparison to some high street stores which can charge a much higher price for a similar product  but without the quality.

When styling both shirts I decided, to begin with, a pair of classic black skinny jeans, this way with just the change of the shirt and shoes you could have an easy day-to-night look.

I paired my white shirt with a pair of khaki stiletto heels  not only to break up the monochrome but to make the look smarter. When it comes to my wardrobe I would wear this look to a job interview pairing the shirt with a pair of black tailored trousers  or even to wear at one of my university presentation as it is a very professional look.

 When it came to styling the Satin Pussy Bow, I simply switched to some black heeled sandals. A classic pair of black heels would not distract from the beautiful shirt, yet again this is one pair of footwear that can not be missed from a capsule wardrobe. I would wear this look to either a meal or an occasion, as it is not only dressy but casual.

Overall I am very happy with these shirts and can not wait to wear them, I highly recommend that you visit the Hawes and Curtis website and even considering purchasing one for yourself. I would like to thank Hawes and Curtis  for their generosity for allowing me to expand on my capsule wardrobe.

Thankyou for Reading,

lots of love

Hannah XOXO











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