The Hair Trio

When It comes to my hair, I like to try different products and then find the right products for my hair and continue to stick to them. I have always liked to look after my hair, especially when using heat the majority of the time. Over the last month I have now found my perfect hair styling trio.

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got2b Rise ‘n Shine Hairspray

This is hands down the best hairspray for my hair as it does not leave my hair feeling sticky or crunchy. The formula of this hairspray is a very lightweight mist that dries in an instant as well as giving your hair a lot of shine. As a person who really likes her curl to drop, I’m not to bothered about this hairspray not having a strong hold but It does give my hair a lot of texture. I will definitely continue to purchase it, until something better comes along which I can not imagine anything better!

got2b Rise ‘n Shine Whipped Mousse

This just like the hairspray will definitely be a product I continue to purchase, as It works alongside it so well. The lightweight formula gives my hair a flexible hold and adds extra shine to my hair without leaving it feeling stiff. I also love that it does not leave a sticky film on my hands or hair, as well as its incredible frizz control.  And Lets admit with the copper packaging it’s a pretty hard product to resist.

COLab Dry Shampoo Sheer & Invisible NEW YORK 

As you may all know Colab is the brand of fellow beauty blogger Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends). As a group of bloggers we all want see fellow bloggers do well, and Ruth certainly has by creating the wonder dry shampoo and deserves every good review she gets. After trying Batiste a few times and being disappointed, I will certainly not be looking back after using Colab.

Colab comes in 5 scents; Tropical Rio, Fruity New York, Floral Paris, Classic London and Oriental Tokyo. I chose the scent New York as it has the delicious scent of Apple and Melon. The formula is the most invisible I have tried, without the heavy build and not having the grey tinge on brunette hair is really important to me! It is great for covering up grease between washes or even if you just want texture and volume throughout your hair.

Every one of the dry shampoos comes in travel size making it a great handbag staple. The range is also incredibly affordable, the miniatures are £2 and the full size are £3.50! You can purchase them from Feel Unique and Superdrug.

thank-you for reading

lots of love

Hannah XOXO

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