In The Buff VS Naked 2


 Hello my Lovelies! Hand on heart, I have and always be a neutral eye-shadow girl, being a fan of a copper eye and red lip combo. After purchasing the Naked Basics Palette from Urban Decay just less than two years ago, I was immediately converted to a massive UD fan. So for Christmas last year I was gifted the Naked 2 palette and have never looked back since. After using it a few times, I rooted through my collection and realised that already owned the almost identical W7 in the Buff Palette.

Clearly the W7 palette has been created as a copy/dupe of the UD Naked 2 but without as higher price tag. So I have decided to do a little comparing of the two.

First of all, the packaging is very similar, with both products coming in metallic beige tins. Although Naked 2 has a proper hinge whereas in In the Buff is a little more flimsy, and more likely to break. As well as it came with a cheap double sided sponge applicator, whereas Naked 2 came with the double sided Good Karma brush.

Each product contains 12 eye-shadows which around 15.6g although ITB appears slightly larger due to the spacing. On first looking at the shades they seem very similar however there are slight differences upon closer inspection.  Naked Shades are named under the eye-shadow and ITB names are shown on a sticker on the back of the tin. Both palettes contain both shimmer/metallic and matte shades. The UD palette is pretty consistent with the quality of the shadows, especially my favourites Chopper and Booty Call which I have sadly hit pan on; they are all much pigmented with minimal fallout. Although the matte shades in ITB are a little disappointing with not much pigmentation, this being it’s downfall, although the metallic shades seem to work well. But the Naked 2 eye-shadows blend a lot better and the shadows are buttery soft, whilst ITB shadows can feel a little chalky.

As the Naked 2 is priced at £38, and ITB priced at £5.99 you can’t really complain, I think this would be the perfect palette to start off someone’s make up collection!


Top Row : W7 In the Buff : Bottom Row : Urban Decay Naked 2

thank-you for reading

lots of love

Hannah XOXO

One thought on “In The Buff VS Naked 2

  1. I love the W7 palettes such good value for money!! I did a review of the In The Nude palette 🙂 such a great alternative to those that can’t afford the Naked palettes! Lovely post 🙂
    Emily x


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